Product Care

Preserved flowers need very minimum maintenance, after a few months or years your flowers could have some dust on them. To remove the dust it is very simple, you could use an air spray, a blow dryer from a distance or gentle dap a wet wipe to the surface of your arrangement.

The quality of your arrangement will depend on how you take care of it.

It is important to:

  • Avoid touching your roses. As they are natural plants, their leaves and flowers are fragile
  • Avoid exposure to humidity
  • Avoid placing your arrangement in direct sunlight
  • DO NOT water your arrangement!
  • Your arrangement is for indoor use only.
  • Remove dust with a duster or an air-spray from a distance. 
  • Do not remove your flowers from its original design. 
  • Do not place the lid on top of the flowers, this will crush your flowers. The lid is made to place under your arrangement.